Buying or building a cottage as a restful home away from home is a wonderful idea. However having one situated in this stunning region of Quebec in the Laurentians, especially in the Tremblant area is really the epitome of idyllic. Thanks to the gifts that nature gave us, Kanata Tremblant has spaces available for those who prefer everything the area has to offer. Majestic mountains, stunning forest views, and lakeside estates. You can peruse all lots on our interactive map to see the gorgeous scenery for yourself. Let’s take a deeper look at these 3 options available when you purchase your lot or cabin from Kanata Tremblant

A lot in the Mountains: The Stunning Laurentian Mountains

The Laurentian Mountains stretch over 56,900 square kilometers. Situated just north of the Montreal region, and are filled with breathtaking peaks, lakes, trails, and more. It is part of the massive Canadian Shield that starts in Ontario and runs for thousands of kilometers across the nation. There are numerous activities to enjoy all year long here. From biking and rock climbing in the warmer months, and skiing at nearby Mont Tremblant during the winter.

Land With A View: A Forest View Dreams Are Made of

Aside from the beautiful mountains, the forest in the region is full, lush, green, and filled with remarkable wildlife. The entire estate of 3000 acres is filled with wooded areas that are ready to explore and enjoy. There is access to a network of trails, or you can even go rock climbing.

View Of The Lake: Beachside, Anyone? 

Who doesn’t love to gaze upon the open water? There are several lakes within the area that are perfect for fishing, kayaking, or canoeing. On the Kanata Tremblant Estate, you have easy access to beaches, outside facilities for tenants that want to swim in the clear water of Lake Mine, and some of our lots even have private beach access. By owning a cottage or lot at Kanata Tremblant, you’ll be thrilled with your investment and proud to own a piece of the exquisite Laurentians in the Tremblant area for less money than what you would have expected. Get in touch with our team at 1 (877) 281-8344.

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