Are you looking for a peaceful oasis? An ideal place to escape the city? Interested in buying a cottage to enjoy nature in peace and quiet? Now there’s an exciting project! Have you considered buying a new cottage? You should consider this highly advantageous option. Here are four excellent reasons why you should buy a new cottage.

Buying a new cottage takes the hassle out of renovations

The first important reason to buy a new cottage is that you won’t have to renovate it for many years. Renovations of any kind can often be a nasty surprise, resulting in cost overruns. Worse, they can reveal serious structural problems or hidden mould. Should such cases arise, you will obviously have recourse, but you will have to give up the peace of mind you have been seeking. Taking legal action against the seller for hidden defects is not an easy task, the process is often long, uncertain and expensive! Buying a new cottage will save you from this kind of worry. In addition, you can start enjoying your cottage as soon as it is built. Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it renovating your cottage.

A fully customized new cottage

Buying a new cottage also means having it built to your liking, exactly as YOU imagine it. The existing structures will not be constrained. You will be able to build all the rooms you want and choose the dimensions according to your needs and tastes. You won’t have to compromise. Plus, when it comes to materials, you’ll have a choice! From the exterior materials to the faucets, from the floor coverings to the kitchen countertops, it’s your choice. A pre-owned cottage will never give you this kind of freedom.

Buying a new cottage for a lower energy bill

When it comes to energy efficiency, new constructions are more efficient. Standards have changed over the past 30 years and the materials used today are not the same. They offer better energy efficiency. This is particularly true for insulation materials, doors and windows. Damaged windows or inadequate insulation will quickly increase your energy bill. You will eventually have to remedy the problem. Be aware that changing doors and windows or adding insulation material can involve large expenses.

A cottage built on land you like

Finally, buying a new cottage also means choosing a location. Cottage life allows you to enjoy nature. That’s why the choice of land is so important. If you buy a cottage that is already built, you will have to deal with the land on which it is located. Conversely, buying a new cottage gives you the chance to choose a place where the surroundings are to your liking. By the lake, with a view of the mountains or in the forest … the choice is yours! You’ll enjoy your time at your cottage twice as much if you find a location that charms you. And if you’re using your cottage as a vacation spot, it’s even more important that it’s located on a piece of land you like. Thinking of building a cottage? Kanata Tremblant has several vacant lots, check out their features. Make an appointment today, your dream is probably more accessible than you think.

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