4 reasons to choose a small cottage

4 reasons to choose a small cottage

They say good things come in small packages. Thus, it is not surprising that micro houses are all the rage right now. While micro living may not be for everyone, there are many advantages to buying or renting a small cottage. In fact, small cottages can be just as comfortable as larger ones and allow you to enjoy everything nature has to offer. Here are the top four reasons to choose a small cottage.

Reason #1: A small cottage is more affordable

This is a no brainer. The smaller the square footage, the cheaper the price. Whether you are buying or renting, smaller cottages are more budget friendly. Furthermore, if this is a second home, a small cottage can be a more realistic option. In fact, a small cottage may be just the solution you are looking for to make your cottage ownership dream a reality. As such, a growing number of aspiring cottage owners are buying into the mini cottage idea.

Additionally, smaller spaces mean less furniture. By laying out your rooms in a smart manner, you can have a very functional space with very little furniture and decoration requirements. This will obviously save you money when you first buy and furnish your cottage.

Reason # 2: A small cottage is more energy efficient

Smaller cottages are more energy efficient as there is less space to heat and cool. If you are buying a second home, this is definitely an advantage. It will significantly reduce your monthly expenses, which is particularly important if this not your full-time home. Furthermore, as your energy costs are lower so is your ecological footprint. Now that is something worth celebrating!

Reason # 3: A small cottage requires less cleaning and maintenance

Cottage life is often seen as idyllic. Unfortunately, owning a second home does have its fair share of responsibility. On top of financial responsibility, you need to ensure your cottage is cleaned and maintained. The beauty of small cottages is that cleaning and maintenance are really quite minimal. This means you can spend more time enjoying yourself and nature and less time working around the house. Simple, small and functional truly make a world of difference!

Reason #4: Small cottages are cozy, intimate and unique

Small cottages offer an intimate and cozy setting. As the micro house trend continues to grow, so do small house options. Architects and designers are continually perfecting layouts and functionality to offer homeowners the best of the micro-house experience. Furthermore, small houses are often better integrated into their environment. While McMansions often dwarf their surroundings, small cottages embrace them. After all, cottage life is about enjoying the best of the great outdoors.

For example, Kanata Tremblant’s La Nano is a micro loft type cottage that lets you experience Kanata’s breathtaking estate to the fullest. Measuring just 16 feet by 44 feet, la Nano has 9-foot ceilings. Combined with large windows, there is a sense of grandeur to the space. Additionally, the master bedroom opens onto a smartly designed second-floor terrace, so you can take full advantage of the natural setting.

Micro cottages are growing in popularity. And for good reason. There are many advantages to owning or renting smaller cottages. From energy efficiency to affordability to low maintenance, small cottage life is taking the vacation world by storm. Contact Kanata Tremblant today to find out more about La Nano and other cottages for sale.

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