Kanata Tremblant is a 3,000-acre haven in the heart of the Laurentian mountains. We sell cottages and pieces of land so that people can build their dream home away from home. There are also several people who rent out their cottages throughout the year, which means that anyone can enjoy the Laurentians. It’s been an interesting year, hasn’t it? You deserve the ultimate break over the holiday season, so why not rest and relax in a cozy cabin? Here’s how you can plan a successful holiday stay in our picturesque estate: 

Pick The Dates of Your Winter Getaway

Will you spend a weekend, a week, or something longer away from home? It’s best to work this out as soon as you can to ensure availability and plan all the supplies you’ll need for the trip. 

Prepare and Pack Your Holiday Essentials

If you will be celebrating your holiday during Hanukkah, Christmas, or any other celebration, you will want to decide if you need to bring along certain festive items that will help you fully enjoy the holiday cheer. Whether that includes gifts, lighting, or other idols, ensure you plan accordingly.

Decorate Your Holiday Home

When you’re spending your holiday away from home, you can still bring a bit of cheer along with you wherever you go. Consider packing a poinsettia, baskets, and anything else that can be easily transported and doesn’t require installation in your rented home. Just ensure you pay close attention to power usage and of course, clean up after yourself! 

Bring Your Cozy Attire 

You will want to ensure you bring sufficient warm clothing, outdoor attire with you. Within the estate, there are a number of trails where you can enjoy hiking, fat biking, cross-country skiing, and other activities. And of course, Kanata Tremblant is only a short drive away from Mont-Tremblant, a world-renowned ski resort. 

Plan Your Ultimate Holiday Menu

Depending on the length of your stay, you will need to bring enough food with you to have regular meals as well as your holiday feast! Our rental cottages offer fully equipped kitchens to allow you to prepare succulent meals. You can take advantage of the services of our in-home chef who will cook for you. We also offer a concierge service that can take care of your grocery shopping, or any other more specific requests. Whether you’d like to rent a space for a vacation any time of year, or if you’re simply in love with our lands and cottages for sale, the Kanata Tremblant team would love to help you find the perfect spot so that you can plan a successful holiday stay. Contact us at 877-734-3414.

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