Depending on the type and location of your cottage rental, what constitutes the “dead” season or off-season can vary considerably. But regardless of timing, attracting renters in the off- or low-season remains challenging. Here are five tips to help you fill up your bookings and make your cottage rental more profitable year-round.

Tip #1: Lower your cottage rental rates

cottage-rental-tips-kanata-tremblantWhile charging higher prices in the peak season is expected, lowering your rates when demand is down presents a fruitful way to attract guests. In fact, many vacationers plan their getaways specifically in the low- or off-season to save on accommodations. As such, you should shop around and see what similar cottage rentals in your area are charging. For example, you can visit popular cottage rental sites and put various dates into their booking calendar. Depending on the results, you will be able to see what others are charging and adjust your rates accordingly. And if a long weekend rolls around and demand goes up, you can once again increase your rates to peak season rates.

Tip # 2: Lower the minimum night stay of your cottage rental

It is very common for cottage rentals to have a minimum stay of a certain number of nights. Typically, vacation rentals will have a seven-night minimum as owners prefer weekly rentals. If this is the case with your cottage rental, you may want to consider lowering it in the dead season. For instance, you could reduce your minimum stay to two or three nights. This is especially attractive to people looking for weekend getaways or short trips.

Tip # 3: Make weekdays more enticing

When it comes to shorter stays, most people will want to rent your cottage for the weekend. As such, you may not have that hard a time getting weekend renters even in the low season. This is especially true for four-season destinations like Kanata Tremblant for example. In fact, vacationers flock to the Laurentians all year round. However, you can make weekdays more enticing by offering deals. For example, you could offer a three-night mid-week stay for the price of two nights. Whatever you decide, offering a small discount is often enough to draw in potential weekday guests.

Tip # 4: Communicate with past guests

If guests enjoyed their stay at your cottage, chances are they will return. In addition, they will most likely tell their friends and family about your property. A great way to drive more business your way is to send out an email to past guests. After all, a good email takes just a few minutes to craft and can generate traffic for your cottage rental. Emails can include news about any special offers or deals. You can also ask guests to refer their friends and family to you for a small discount on their next stay.

Tip # 5: Add a hot tub!

cottage-rental-hottub-kanata-tremblantSo, this tip is a bit more of an investment but one that may be surprisingly worth your while. If your cottage rental targets couples, then a hot tub can be a very enticing feature. This is especially true in colder climates. After all, who doesn’t love relaxing in a hot tub under the stars. As such, hot tubs can be an attractive feature when the season limits what guests can do in the area.Regardless of where your cottage rental is located, you will most likely experience some slow periods. These small tips can help you attract renters in the low season and ensure your cottage is more profitable throughout the year. If you are looking for a cottage as an investment, Kanata Tremblant is the perfect place. Ideally located and offering a host of amenities including concierge and property management services, Kanata Tremblant has everything in place for local and foreign investors. Contact us to find out more.

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