6 activities Laurentians fall
The beautiful fall season has finally arrived with its magnificent colors and enchanting scenery. The Laurentians is the perfect place to take full advantage of Quebec tourism and to make beautiful discoveries. Wondering what to do in this paradise region? Learn more below about the best activities to do in the Laurentian region, whether with family or friends. 

1. The many golf courses

Are you a golf lover? Enjoy a day in a captivating setting at one of the seven nearby golf clubs just minutes from the Kanata Tremblant domain. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional, come and discover the different courses with their breath-taking fall scenery! 

2. Omega Park

With a 1 hour’s drive from the Kanata Tremblant domain in Montebello, the Omega Park is a must for a great family activity in the Laurentians. Immerse yourself completely in the natural habitat of numerous species from Quebec and the North American continent, such as elk, wolves, bears, caribou, american buffalo as well as a variety of birds and rodents. Come and observe this magnificent wildlife and enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall season. 

3. Climbing Mont Tremblant

Tourism in the Laurentian region, especially in the middle of autumn, would not be whole without passing by the wonderful Mont Tremblant. With its true natural beauty attracting thousands of tourists each year, especially in the fall, you will have the opportunity to use its hiking trails or to climb it using the famous panoramic gondola. Before or after some quality time at your Kanata Tremblant cottage, come and get some fresh air while admiring the various incredible views of the site! 

4. Water activities: canoeing and kayaking

Fall is the perfect time to recharge your batteries on the many lakes in the Laurentian region by canoe or kayak. Whether you’re looking for a more recreational or sporty activity, the many bodies of water in the Laurentians will please you: downriver, boat rentals, cruises and much more! 

5. Hiking trails with incredible views

It goes without saying that one of the most popular activities in the Laurentian region in the fall is the choice of numerous hiking trails, each as picturesque as the next. A simple physical activity that is so good for you and at the same time allows you to discover the wonderful landscapes of the Laurentians. It is also a great way to burn off the energy of your family members! 

6. Bike paths and road bikes for nature lovers

In the fall, it is still possible to take advantage of the beautiful days to ride a bike on the many bike paths that the area offers. Regular cyclist or just for fun? Come and discover new trails in an enchanting setting where life is good. 

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