4 advantages of buying a cottage in a resort area in 2022
Do you want to invest in real estate or build a cottage in your own image in an area where life is good? With the real estate market booming in the last few years, it’s time to take action and make your biggest dream come true! A world of possibilities awaits you with the purchase of land in the heart of the Laurentians with Kanata Tremblant.

Afterwards, you will be able to choose the model that suits you best or deal with the general contractor of your choice to complete your project. Discover below the various advantages of buying land for your future cottage in a breathtaking resort area at Kanata Tremblant! 

The construction of your cottage to your expectations and at your pace

As the owner of your beautiful lot at Kanata Tremblant, you decide what type of cottage you will build in the time frame that suits you best. Whether you want to build your home quickly or spread out over a longer period of time, Kanata Tremblant gives you the freedom to decide how long it takes. In addition, you can choose from our many models or decide to hire the builder or architect of your choice. An infinite world of possibilities is offered to you in order to create a cottage that resembles you while respecting your time and desires! 

An incomparable place to recharge your batteries in the middle of nature

The Laurentian region is known for its beautiful landscapes, its fresh air and also for its many activities to be enjoyed during all seasons of the year. Whether it’s winter with its ski resorts and enchanting scenery, or summer with its renowned golf courses and incredible cycling and hiking trails, there’s something for everyone. It goes without saying that fall also offers a magnificent view with its enchanting colors. By purchasing land and building your dream cottage with Kanata Tremblant, you can enjoy all these little pleasures every year and at the same time, share them with your loved ones. 

The perfect project for real estate investors

Do you want to invest in and own a cottage while being able to rent it out whenever you feel like it, but also enjoy it with your family and friends whenever you want? Look no further! Buying land with Kanata Tremblant is a long-term project that will pay off in the long run and allow you to escape to a breathtaking resort at your convenience.

It is even possible to acquire a piece of land as an investment without building, no time limit will be imposed. Otherwise, tourism being very popular in the Laurentian region, your future tenants will be more than happy to have the chance to enjoy your chalet while practicing the many activities in the area. 

$10,000 rebate on the purchase of your land: the perfect time to take advantage of it!

Right now, by joining the Kanata Tremblant domain, you will benefit from our promotion of a $10,000 rebate on the purchase of your land. That’s right: $10,000 right back in your pocket! The investment you’ve been waiting for is within your reach. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in realizing this great project of which you are the master.

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