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6 activities Laurentians fall

6 activities to enjoy in the Laurentians to experience the colors of fall

The beautiful fall season has finally arrived with its magnificent colors and enchanting scenery. The Laurentians is the perfect place to take full advantage of Quebec tourism and to make beautiful discoveries. Wondering what to do in this paradise region? … Read More

4 reasons to buy a cottage in the Laurentians

4 Reasons to Buy a Cottage in the Laurentians

Owning a cottage is a true luxury, but having one in the stunningly beautiful Laurentian Mountains is the definition of perfection. Kanata Tremblant has both pieces of land and cottages available in the heart of this picturesque region. Whether you … Read More

Real Estate Investment: Is a Second Home a Good Option?

Buying a cottage is an important decision. if you make an informed choice, your cottage can undoubtedly be a profitable real estate investment. … Read More

Four Benefits of Buying a New Cottage

Are you looking for a peaceful oasis? An ideal place to escape the city? Interested in buying a cottage to enjoy nature in peace and quiet? Now there’s an exciting project! Have you considered buying a new cottage? You should … Read More

The Laurentians : Our Advice for Buying a Cottage

Take note of our sound advice, and see why buying a cottage at Kanata Tremblant in the Laurentians is worth your consideration.  … Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Shared Ownership of a Cottage

Are you thinking of buying a cottage with friends, siblings, or even your parents? Buying a cottage with friends or family members can be an excellent idea. This way, you can share the purchase and maintenance costs. However, it is … Read More

Is a cottage a good real estate investment?

Real estate investing remains one of the best ways to make money, especially when the real estate under consideration is a rare commodity, like a luxury chalet. Compared to complicated financial products, or the stock market’s permanent unpredictability, real estate … Read More

Couples’ Activities in the Laurentians: Discover 8 Romantic Ideas

Are you looking for a couple’s activity to bring you closer together or are you two lovebirds looking for a change of scenery? With its high, snow-capped mountains and incredible scenery, the Laurentians is a region full of romance. Head … Read More

Renting a Cottage for the Winter

Thinking of taking a vacation this winter? Do you want to rent a cottage away from the city with family, friends, or as a couple? Renting a cottage is the perfect way to get away from it all and recharge … Read MoreRead More

Inspiration and Tips for Christmas at the Cottage with Your Family

It’s already the holiday season and as we dive into the preparations, many of us feel a strange mixture of pleasure and anxiety. As an antidote to your worries, we have the perfect idea: spending Christmas at the cottage. … Read More

6 Cottage Activities to Survive the November Blues

So let’s reinvent the cottage weekend. Here are our top things to do at the cottage for a memorable stay and to escape the November blues. … Read More

Achetez un terrain dans les Laurentides - Payez en bitcoins

Buy land in the Laurentians at Kanata Tremblant and pay in Bitcoins

Are you fascinated, captivated, intrigued by bitcoin? Have you owned it for a while? Have you ever made a 1000% return? We’d like to offer you a great opportunity. The Kanata Tremblant and Club Kanata teams are breaking new ground … Read More