Quel produit choisir pour assurer un chalet

Cottage Insurance: Which Plan Should You Choose?

Are your dreams of buying a cottage close to becoming a reality? Before you start enjoying your slice of paradise, remember to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Especially important: cottage insurance! Just like your primary residence, your cottage … Read More

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Comment financer une résidence secondaire

How to get a cottage mortgage

Have you been considering buying a cottage? Do you dream of getting away every weekend to hit the slopes? Or spending lazy summer afternoons by the lake? Well, your home away from home is closer than you think. Read on … Read More

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Your Cottage as a Real Estate Investment: Good or Bad Idea?

Buying a cottage is a big decision that requires careful consideration. Is it a sound real estate investment? Will it appreciate with time? Could renting it out balance out the costs? The answer to all these questions will depend on … Read More

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Experience the Great Outdoors in a luxury accommodation in the Laurentians

The days of roughing it so that you can enjoy the great outdoors are long gone. Today, adventurers and nature lovers want to experience the joys of nature . . . without compromising on the quality of their accommodations. Thus, … Read More

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Louer un chalet pour les vacances d’hiver

Renting a Cottage for the Winter Break

Planning an escape for the winter break? Thinking of renting a cottage to spend the holidays with family, friends or your special someone? Spending the winter break at a cottage is the perfect way to really get into the spirit … Read More

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Quel est le meilleur moment pour acheter un chalet

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Cottage?

Shopping for a cottage when the temperatures dip way below zero may not seem very appealing. Icy roads, howling winds and long johns may not be how you envisioned your cottage experience. However, if you are looking to buy a … Read More

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Acheter un chalet à plusieurs

The Dos and Don’ts of Shared Ownership of a Cottage

Thinking about buying a lake house with friends? Or a ski chalet with your sibling? Buying a cottage with friends or family is a great way to lessen the financial burden of owning alone. But shared ownership is a big … Read More

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5 avantages d’être propriétaire dans un domaine avec gestion privée

5 Benefits of Owning a Cottage with a Concierge Service

Owning a cottage is a dream come true. From perfect weekend getaways, to peaceful vacations, to being close to all your favourite outdoor activities, owning a cottage has so many advantages. However, with ownership comes a certain level of responsibility. … Read More

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Acheter un terrain au bord de l’eau dans les Laurentides

Waterfront Lot: Five Benefits of Buying a Waterfront Cottage

As the dog days of summer are here, owning a waterfront cottage is a dream for many Canadians. Whether on a lake, river or ocean, a waterfront lot is definitely an appealing option for various reasons. However, location significantly impacts … Read More

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Activités dans les Laurentides à faire en famille durant l’été

Top 6 Family Activities in the Laurentians to Try

As the school year draws to a close and summer officially begins, it’s time to get outdoors. And there is no better place to enjoy the summer than in the Laurentians. Here are our top six family activities in the … Read More

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Comment louer son chalet dans les Laurentides

How to Rent Your Cottage in the Laurentians?

Are you a cottage owner? Renting out your cottage could be an interesting source of extra revenue. But before you post your cottage online, there are a few important things to know. Read on for our tips on how to … Read More

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Quatre raisons majeures acheter un chalet neuf

5 Benefits of Buying a New Cottage

Have you been thinking about owning your own cottage? Do you dream of having a place to escape the stress of city life? Are you unsure if you should buy a brand-new cottage or turn toward the resale market? Buying … Read More

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