Cottage to rent for the winter to celebrate the holidays
The holiday season is upon us! How would you like to celebrate the holidays this year? By purchasing a lot with Kanata Tremblant in the breathtaking Laurentian region and having the opportunity to build your dream cottage from scratch or from a custom plan, all at your own pace, you will now be a fan of the winter season, no matter if you like the cold or not! With an enchanting setting in the heart of winter at Kanata Tremblant, discover below 5 ideas for activities to do at the cottage this festive season, whether alone, with family or friends. 

Try new recipes and enjoy!

Can you see yourself spending time in your cottage at Kanata Tremblant? Now picture this: you’re in your new cottage built to your specifications, just the way you wanted it. You’re admiring the beautiful view from your dream kitchen during the holiday season. What do you plan to do with your day? Why not take the opportunity to hone your culinary skills by trying out new recipes. What better way to spend the holiday season than with good food around a fire, accompanied by the people you love the most? 

Discover the wonderful sport of skiing

The Laurentian region is full of exciting ski courses. And there’s something for everyone, from beginners to experts. Put on your equipment and hit the slopes while admiring the breathtaking scenery from the snowy hills! 

Spending quality time with your loved ones

It may not seem like a big deal, but the cottage holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy and catch up with friends and family, especially during the festive holiday season. In our day-to-day lives with the metro-busy-sleepy routine, many people tend not to take the time to slow down and interact with their loved ones. Owning a cottage at Kanata Tremblant will give you the opportunity to do just that every year! 

Relax with fun board games

When was the last time you had the chance to play a game of your favourite board game? By spending your holiday season in a sumptuous cottage at Kanata Tremblant, you can finally relax and even rediscover the hobbies you once loved. Scrabble, Monopoly? Leave your phone behind and relax with these fun games with your loved ones! 

Reconnecting with nature: wonderful landscapes for fresh air

It goes without saying that the Laurentian region offers breathtaking scenery, especially in the middle of winter when the magic of the holiday season is on display. Admire the white hills glistening with snow or get out your snowshoes or cross-country skis to hike one of the countless trails in the area, not forgetting of course your hot chocolate at the end of the day in your beautiful cottage

Build the cottage of your dreams for the next holiday season with Kanata Tremblant!

Are you tempted by the idea of spending your next holiday season inside your dream cottage? Come and meet with our team today to discuss it, it could pay off! Right now, a visit to the Kanata Tremblant domain gives you a $10,000 discount on the purchase of your land. Want to buy a lot without building right away? No problem, you become the owner of your land while building your cottage at your own pace. Plan your visit with us now or contact us if you have any questions, we will be there to answer them.

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