How to choose the right land at Kanata Tremblant
If you hope to build your dream home—or even a getaway cabin—in the Laurentians, you may have already started looking. The Laurentians have always been a popular destination. This isn’t surprising, as this four-season playground has been coveted for decades by people looking to buy land or build cottages. There are still incredible pieces of land for sale at Kanata Tremblant. If you’re looking for land for sale as an investment or building, look no further. It’s all here in Kanata Tremblant! We’ll show you how to choose the right land in the Laurentians so that you get the most for your dollar. Let’s take a closer look at each type of property to help you choose the right land.

1.  Lakeside Oasis

Are you a beach-bum? Perhaps a cabin by the lake, where you can gaze upon the open water, is the type of property you would like to pursue. Several lakes within the Kanata Tremblant Estate are perfect for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. By purchasing a lot at Kanata Tremblant, you’ll be thrilled to spend every day on the beach.

2.  Flourishing Forest

Kanata Tremblant is situated in a flourishing, enchanting forest filled to the brim with all of nature’s finest. The forest in the region is full, lush, green, and brimming with remarkable wildlife. The entire 3000 acres estate is filled with wooded areas that are ready to explore and enjoy! There is also access to a network of trails, with quick access to private beaches and thrilling rock climbing adventures.

3.  Sprawling Mountain-scapes

The Laurentian Mountains stretch over 56,900 square kilometers. You would never guess that you are situated just north of the Montreal region when you gaze out at the breathtaking peaks, lakes, trails, and more. The mountains are part of the massive Canadian Shield that starts in Ontario and runs for thousands of kilometres across the nation. From biking and rock climbing in the warmer months to skiing at nearby Mont-Tremblant in the winter, you’ll have access to numerous activities all year long.

How to Choose?

With so many great options at your fingertips, how are you going to choose? Thanks to the gifts of nature that Mother Earth has given us, Kanata Tremblant is home to three stunning options to choose from.We have some tips. If you are a hiker, you’ll love being in the mountainous terrain because of the tranquility and proximity. If you love walking through the forest and discovering new plants, then take advantage of the uneven topography of the second to blend in with nature, or build a beachside chalet on your own private beach to soak in the sun during the summer months.When it comes to choosing a piece of land at Kanata Tremblant, we have a few lots from phase 3 of our project, all of which start at $95,000! You can view all of our lots on an interactive map to see the gorgeous scenery for yourself.By owning a lot at Kanata Tremblant, you’ll be thrilled with your investment and proud to own a piece of the exquisite Laurentians in the Tremblant area for far less than you might expect! Contact us today to request a visit by filling out the form on our website or calling us at +1 (877) 734-3414.

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