It’s already the holiday season and as we dive into the preparations, many of us feel a strange mixture of pleasure and anxiety. As an antidote to your worries, we have the perfect idea: spending Christmas at the cottage.

Christmas in an enchanting setting

For some, it has become a long-standing tradition: once the gifts and luggage have been packed into the car, head north to spend Christmas at a cottage in the Laurentians. The charm of the quaint villages of the Laurentians is enough to put you in the holiday spirit. Here, no one seems to be in a hurry and time appears to stand still. 

Family Christmas at the cottage 

We love Christmas, but hosting family and friends at home can often be demanding and exhausting. Even if everyone is willing to pitch in with the cooking and dishes, the host bears the brunt of the work and is responsible for making sure everything is in place and running smoothly. If you celebrate at the cottage, sharing tasks becomes more natural. A sense of conviviality is instinctively established and memorable memories are made.

Prepping the feast and tree for Christmas at the cottage

To plan for the party and outdoor activities, stop at the local market. Stock up on sweet and savoury snacks, sparkling drinks, yuletide teas, alcohol, and, of course, Christmas Day treats. You can also ask everyone to bring something. This way, the burden of shopping for everything doesn’t fall solely on the shoulders of the organizer. And don’t forget the tree! You can also suggest that each guest bring an ornament they hold dear to decorate the tree and their favourite game to liven up the evening. 

Our suggestions for spending Christmas at the cottage

While waiting for your guests to arrive, relax with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail, light a fire to set the mood and play your favourite holiday tunes. You can turn your holiday feast into a potluck where every guest brings a dish, or you could cook together. Ask for volunteers to help you peel vegetables, set the table, and serve drinks. Just picture it! It’s Christmas morning and everyone is gathered around a hearty brunch before unwrapping presents. Laughter and exclamations of delight set the tone for this most memorable day. In a family cottage, there are enough chairs to seat everyone around the table and everyone is well rested after a good night’s sleep. And by sleeping at the cottage, any transportation headaches are solved. No one will risk driving under the influence or venturing out late at night. The kids can go outside to play while the parents prepare the holiday meal and  the grandparents chat in front of a roaring fire. A scene worthy of the most picturesque of Christmas cards! Don’t forget to snap some pictures.  

It’s time for some family time!

Sorry, no napping on the couch. Gather the whole family for a walk in the fresh air. The perfect excuse to warm up with a hot chocolate or alcoholic coffee once back to the cottage with cheeks rosy from the cold. What a great opportunity to reinforce family bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime. Make an appointment today to turn your dream of a Christmas at the cottage into a reality. Kanata Tremblant also offers cottage rentals.

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