The Laurentians have always been a popular destination. This four-season playground has been coveted for decades by people looking to buy land or build cottages. Not surprising! The Laurentians offer something for everyone—top-notch ski resorts, beautiful trails, breathtaking scenery, charming villages and gourmet restaurants. At Kanata Tremblant there are still incredible pieces of land for sale, in their gorgeous natural estate. So if you are looking for land for sale as an investment or to build on, look no further. Kanata Tremblant has it all! Read on and discover the five reasons to buy land in the Laurentians today! 

1. Land for sale in a breathtaking natural oasis

If you are thinking about purchasing land, the Laurentians are a must. Close to Montréal and Ottawa, they offer a world of opportunity. Whether you have plans to build a cottage or just want a sound investment, purchasing land in the Laurentians is a smart move. For example, the land for sale at Kanata Tremblant is located on a spectacular 3,000-acre retreat. Just minutes from world-renowned Mont Tremblant Resort, the land for sale is on large, secluded lots. As such, you will enjoy peace and tranquility within a vast, natural four-season playground. Furthermore, Kanata Tremblant is ideal for the discerning buyer who demands great value and exceptional service. While Phase 1 is already all sold out, there is still land for sale in Phase 2. Buying land at Kanata Tremblant means your dreams of building a cottage can become a reality.  

2. Looking for land for sale: think location, location, location!

As you likely know, the first rule in real estate is location, location, location. Luckily, Kanata Tremblant still has land for sale on their conveniently located estate. As you are close to world-renowned Mont Tremblant, Montréal and Ottawa, buying land at Kanata is a solid investment. If you want to resell it, you know that you will have a large pool of potential buyers. And the lots at Kanata start at $85,000!  

3. Buying land is a no-fuss investment

But buying land at Kanata is a smart investment for more than just location. Land is an extremely valuable asset as there are limited quantities available. Additionally, investing in land is easier to manage than other real estate investments. No tenants to manage, no broken toilets, no leaky faucets. In fact, land is a long-term tangible asset that does not depreciate and requires little attention.  Buying land is a no-fuss investment 

4. Buying land is an inexpensive long-term investment

If you buy land at Kanata Tremblant, there is no pressure to build a cottage within an expected timeframe. In fact, buyers can even purchase land as an investment without building. Furthermore, Kanata offers great freedom in terms of the projects you want to build. This ensures buyers have the peace of mind knowing they can take their time. A dream cottage takes planning and careful execution.If you are buying solely as an investment, then you can enjoy your land for minimal cost. Basically, there are no utility bills to pay and property taxes and insurance fees are very low. If you want a long-term investment you do not have to fuss over, buying land may be just what you are looking for! 

5. Overlooking the lake or the mountains: it’s up to you!

Do you dream of owning a beautiful cottage on a lake? Or do you prefer a mountain vista? The land for sale at Kanata Tremblant is located either next to the lake or overlooking the mountains. Whatever your choice of location, you will have access to 3,000 acres! That’s right, as a land or cottage owner, you can access the Kanata resort and all it has to offer. This includes a beautiful private beach. And, if you do not want neighbours who rent, Kanata Tremblant has a private section of the estate for you.Whether you are looking for land for sale as an investment or to build on, Kanata Tremblant has the perfect lots. Conveniently located, offering a host of amazing amenities and in the heart of their breathtaking estate. To find out more about the land for sale starting at $85,000, contact Kanata Tremblant today!  Phase 1 and 2 are already completely sold but there is land still available in Phase 3 so this is the time to contact us! Overlooking the lake or the mountains

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