Are you an investor looking to diversify your real estate portfolio? Or are you looking for land for sale outside of the city to build your dream cottage? Either way, investing in land is one of the most overlooked real estate opportunities. Yet, buying vacant land is a hands-off and very versatile investment. In this article, we briefly touch on the advantages of investing in land and we discuss what to watch out for. Then, we present our luxurious Kanata Tremblant estate in the Laurentians and the beautiful land we have for sale.   

Land for sale: reasons to invest


 Many real estate investors specialize in buying and selling vacant land. However, if you are a novice investor, we recommend doing thorough research and consulting a real-estate broker who specializes in the field. Some of the main reasons to invest in land are: 
  • It is a limited resource (after all, they are not making more of it);
  • It requires very little maintenance compared to other real estate investments;
  • Expenses are relatively low (think no utility bills, lower municipal taxes, lower maintenance costs, etc.); 
  • It can be less expensive to buy land and build your own cottage than to buy a cottage; 
  • It is a good long-term investment that will show steady growth.
 When considering land for sale, you should also look at certain key factors. These will help guarantee a better return on your investment: location, driving distance from major cities, waterfront location or close to a ski hill, proximity to services, year-round activities to name a few. For example, the Laurentians is an excellent place to buy land. This four-season destination offers everything investors could hope for. 

Land for sale: things to investigate before you buy

 You would think that buying land is an uncomplicated affair. Here is a brief rundown of issues to investigate before jumping on the land buying bandwagon.  
    • What are the zoning restrictions for the land for sale? With a quick call to the local planning department, you can quickly determine what this land may be used for. Residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc. It is very important to be aware of any building and use restrictions.
    • What is the land’s topography? Using free tools like Google Earth is a great way to get a lay of the land. Many properties have unpredictable cliffs, valleys, ravines, etc., which may limit how you use or build on the land. 
    • Is the property located in a flood zone? With increased flooding around the world, especially in the spring, it is important to check flood zones. Insuring a property in a flood zone can be extremely expensive.
  • Does the property have access to municipal water supply and utilities? Access to basic services like electricity hook-ups, water supply and so on are huge benefits. Especially if you plan on building or reselling in the short term.
  • Does the land have access roads? Surprisingly, some land for sale is completely landlocked. What this means is that it is surrounded by private property. As such, you could not access it without going onto someone else’s land, making the property pretty useless. Other owners may be willing to grant you access (usually for a sum of money), but this is not guaranteed.
  • Does the land have access to a sewer system? If the land does not have access to a local sewer system, you will need to do a percolation test. This tests the water absorption of the land and assesses if you can build a septic system. 

Land for sale at Kanata Tremblant: a no-fuss investment


 As mentioned above, there are many things to consider before buying land. Luckily at Kanata Tremblant, the land for sale meets all the requirements. First, it is ideally located on a gorgeous 3,000-acre private estate, just a short drive for world-renowned Mont Tremblant. Land owners have access to all the estate’s amenities and services. And there are a host of year-round activities to keep everyone busy. Second, everything is already in place to build your dream cottage. You can even opt for to hang on to your land without building. There is no time frame or pressure to build. Third, land owners can choose from Kanata Tremblant’s turnkey cottages, partial prefab cottages or choose to build their own according to their own plans. However, your plans do need to be approved to ensure the exterior fits in with the rest of the estate.  Buying land is a lucrative long-term investment. While there are things to watch out for before you buy, land in the Laurentians is a rock-solid investment. Contact Kanata Tremblant today to learn more about their land for sale or to visit the estate.

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