Real estate investing remains one of the best ways to make money, especially when the real estate under consideration is a rare commodity, like a luxury chalet. Compared to complicated financial products, or the stock market’s permanent unpredictability, real estate investment offers a very down-to-the-ground nature, along with enviable returns. 

Real Estate Investment: Appreciation and Income

To make a profit on the stock market, your stocks must first appreciate in value, and then you have to sell at the right time. On the other hand, a real estate investment can turn a profit in more than one way. The first that jumps to mind is that you can rent your property when you are not using it. And renting it can generate very interesting income opportunities when the property is a luxurious cottage. Moreover, the demand for that type of chalet is growing, which means that the value of the estate is also growing. 

Real Estate Investment: Location, Location, Location

Among the factors having a direct impact on the value of a building, its location is certainly at the forefront. The better the location, the greater the demand for it. Amherst, a small municipality which is neither too close nor too far from Mont Tremblant, is both accessible and quiet. A real estate investment in the area could prove very interesting over the years. Kanata Tremblant is a fine example. With its 3000 acres in the middle of nature, it offers a vast selection of lots exquisitely suited for luxurious log cottages. 

Select a Lot and Build the Chalet of  Your Dreams

Kanata Tremblant is a beautiful private and luxurious estate in the heart of nature. A lot next to the lake, or one with a view on the mountains, or another actually in mountains, the choice is yours. The estate offers a huge selection of lots starting at $95,000. In addition, there is a nice private beach reserved exclusively for its cottage and land owners.Once you have selected the land, you can start building the chalet of your dreams. In regards to building projects, buyers have a great deal of freedom. The construction of the cottage can be done independently, as a turnkey project, or a mix of both. No time limit is imposed, and a buyer can even purchase a lot as an investment, without building on it. 

A Growing Demand to Go Back to Nature

Experts agree that the demand for cottages is growing. But where is this growth in demand coming from? The arrival of baby boomers on the market and, of course, the pandemic. For baby boomers, retirement age is fast approaching. Born between 1946 and 1966, the first boomers turned 65 in 2011, and the last will reach retirement age in 2031. In retirement, spending time with family and friends also becomes an important investment. As we know, the pandemic has changed the habits of many. Uncertainty about plans to travel abroad, the need for a change of scenery, urban sprawl, and the popularity of telecommuting. These factors combine to influence the desire to own a cottage in the Laurentians. Finally, a last observation on investing in furniture for your cottage: this is a very concrete and tangible investment. You can actually go touch it and even sit on it, which can be quite reassuring compared to other investments. Are you considering buying a luxury chalet at Kanata Tremblant? You can view all our lots on an interactive map to see the beautiful landscape for yourself! Contact us today to discover your future investment.

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