chalet dans les laurentides

Club privé dans les montagnes en forêt, ça existe encore

A private club in the mountains and forests, does it still exist in 2023?

Private often means: Exclusive, not open to the public and restricted to a particular clientele, such as a secret restricted for a few people or a group of people. It’s protected, organized and managed. Kanata Tremblant is exactly that! A … Read More

Chalet corporatif  Un cadeau qui redonne

Corporate Cottage: A Gift That Gives Back

Business Pros! Would you like to break out of the mold? Here’s a new way to reward, spoil, thank and retain your best players! A corporate cottage is the investment that keeps on giving. It grows in value, with no … Read More

4 advantages of buying a cottage in a resort area in 2022

4 advantages of buying a cottage in a resort area in 2022

Do you want to invest in real estate or build a cottage in your own image in an area where life is good? With the real estate market booming in the last few years, it’s time to take action and … Read More

4 reasons to buy a cottage in the Laurentians

4 Reasons to Buy a Cottage in the Laurentians

Owning a cottage is a true luxury, but having one in the stunningly beautiful Laurentian Mountains is the definition of perfection. Kanata Tremblant has both pieces of land and cottages available in the heart of this picturesque region. Whether you … Read More