Do you love green spaces, tranquility, and fresh air? The idea of escaping the city on weekends or on days you can work remotely? Buying a cottage seems to be the ideal solution for many city dwellers who still need a pied-à-terre in the city. However, it would be ill-advised to buy a property without first asking yourself a few essential questions. Despite the current market, making a hasty purchase is unwise and you should consider the following issues. Take note of our sound advice, and see why buying a cottage in the Laurentians is worth your consideration. 

Why buy a cottage in the Laurentians

There are so many reasons to buy a cottage in the Laurentians. First of all, when you think cottage, you think water. It’s almost a prerequisite. The Laurentian region is full of lakes and rivers. There’s no shortage of water activities, from kayaking at sunset to swimming at the beach with the family. This is the first good reason to buy a cottage in the Laurentians. What awaits you there? Beautiful beaches for those who love to relax, gurgling rivers for those who enjoy more intense sporting activities, lakes full of fish for fishing enthusiasts, and a rich and abundant aquatic fauna for nature lovers. Buying a cottage in the Laurentians means connecting with nature and enjoying it as much as possible. Those who prefer the mountains to the water will certainly not be disappointed. After all, the region is home to mountains worthy of the most beautiful postcards (or wallpaper)!

Buying a cottage in the Laurentians: an abundance of activities at your doorstep

If the Laurentian region symbolizes the calm and serenity of nature, it is also synonymous with entertainment. Outdoor enthusiasts, rejoice! As you can see, buying a chalet in the Laurentians means saying goodbye to boredom and taking a bite out of life! Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, dog sledding, hiking, climbing, fishing, bird watching, golfing are all activities that will delight both novices and experts alike! 

Our wise advice:

  • Before buying, be sure to identify the activities that interest you and choose the location of your cottage accordingly!
  • Remember to buy a cottage that meets your land and neighbourhood requirements. Check the size of the lot where the cottage you are interested in is located and make sure you have the privacy you want. Your happiness depends on it. You don’t want to be a hermit, but you’ll probably want your privacy.
 With its 3,000 acres, climbing park, 30 km of private road, and two large lakes, the Kanata Tremblant estate is vast and offers plenty of privacy. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your own space, away from prying eyes. Your private lot means sharing memorable moments with your loved ones, not with the neighbours. 

A cottage that is the right size

Here, no matter where you decide to buy your cottage, you’ll need to think about your space needs first. Our advice: consider the number of bedrooms you need, as well as their size; evaluate your needs in terms of kitchen space; know in advance your purchasing criteria (fireplace, windows, brightness, etc.).   The advantage of buying in the Laurentians, and doing business with Kanata Tremblant, is that you can choose the cottage of your dreams from a range of different cottages. You can customize it!  Want to know more about our constructions and how we can help you make your dream come true? Don’t wait any longer, contact us and let’s discuss your future cottage. 

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