When Is the Best Time to Buy a Cottage?

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Cottage?

Shopping for a cottage when the temperatures dip way below zero may not seem very appealing. Icy roads, howling winds and long johns may not be how you envisioned your cottage experience. However, if you are looking to buy a cottage or piece of land, fall and winter might be advantageous times to house hunt. Read on and discover the best time to buy a cottage.

Buy a cottage in fall or winter and avoid the rush

Unless you are looking for a ski chalet, cottage sales tend to drop by the end of summer and pick up again in the spring. As such, shopping for a cottage in the late fall or early winter can be a great time to avoid “the crowds.” This means as a buyer you might feel less pressured to make a fast offer on a property you like. With less competition, you can take your time and make smart decisions without feeling like you might lose out.

Buy a cottage in fall and see it in its least flattering light

Visiting a cottage in late fall or winter when all the trees are bare is a smart move. How close are the neighbours? Does the property offer enough privacy? How are the roads in the winter? Is the house easily accessible? What is your travel time like when the roads are in poor condition? However, the drawback is you will have to rely on photographs or videos to judge how beautiful the property and surroundings are in the summer.

Buy now, move in later

Another benefit of buying a cottage in the fall or winter is time. Once again, most people are keen to use their cottage in the summer and fall. As such, buying a cottage now gives you plenty of time to get organized and plan your move. This is especially helpful if you have school-aged children. Typically, these buyers will want to move in only after the school year ends. So, buying now means you will have plenty of time for various tasks. Buying furniture and appliances, decorating, booking movers and so on. Furthermore, it will allow you to become familiar with city schedules and rules. For example, when does the town collect garbage and recycling? Or where do you drop off household waste?

If you buy land at Kanata Tremblant, there is no obligation to build right away. You can take all the time you need to plan out your dream cottage. Additionally, you can even keep the land as an investment. After all, buying a piece of land or new cottage on a beautiful and conveniently located estate like Kanata is a sound investment!  This also allows you to spread the expenses over a few months or even a few years whilst giving you the opportunity to secure the desired land.

Buying a cottage, like with everything else in life, is often a question of timing. Depending on what type of cottage you are looking for (ski chalet, etc.), fall and winter can be the best times of year for buyers. Contact Kanata Tremblant today to learn more or visit their cottages for sale.

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