real-estate-investement-kanata-tremblantHave you decided to invest in a rental cottage? Do you already know what type of cottage you want? The design, plans and style? Even better, do you already own the perfect piece of land to build on? Now, all you need is to decide which building option best suits your needs and investor personality. For example, you can choose to self-build, buy a partially prefab cottage or a fully turnkey cottage. Read on and discover some of the pros and cons of each option. 

The self-build rental cottage

plan-construction-kanata-tremblant The self-build option is not for the faint of heart. Building your own rental cottage is a huge endeavour that requires time and money. Additionally, if you choose the self-build route, you are responsible for the entire project from A to Z. This means hiring the architect and designers, getting all the permits, hiring all the contractors, and even putting in your own blood, sweat and tears. However, if you are not the handy type, you can hire a general contractor to manage the project and subcontractors. 

The pros:

  •   Complete freedom over the design and specifications of your home.
  •   This can be a smarter investment for the future as buyers may pay more for original homes versus the one-size-fits-all variety.

The cons:

  •   It can be difficult to find a good piece of land in a desirable area.
  •   With self-build cottages it is easy to go over budget fast.
  •   Contractors and builders can be very difficult to manage.
  •   Not all self-build homes will appeal to future buyers.
 If you are planning on going the self-build route, Kanata Tremblant still has land for sale on its gorgeous estate. Furthermore, Kanata Tremblant gives future cottage owners a great amount of freedom. If you decide to use your own plans, you are free to work with the contractors you like. However, Kanata Tremblant does have to approve the exterior of your cottage. This is to ensure it adheres to the overall aesthetics and concept of the estate. Additionally, Kanata Tremblant lots are sold with an area cleared for construction and a driveway/entryway already in place. 

The partially turnkey prefab rental cottage

 nano-log-kanata-tremblant In the past, prefabricated or prefab homes were most often associated with mobile homes. But nowadays, prefab homes can be rather fabulous. Basically, a prefab home is a home constructed in a factory. It is then sent to the building site in pieces to be assembled. 

The pros:

  •   More affordable option than self-build, usually by 10% to 20%.
  •   Faster construction, with self-build taking one to four months longer.
  •   Some flexibility in style and aesthetics.
  •   Greater quality control as they are built in factories.
  •   Energy efficiency and more environmentally conscious.

The cons:

  •   Lots of decisions and reading of fine print to know what you are responsible for and what is included in the home.
  •   Some limitations with regard to interior fixtures and aesthetics.
  •   May be more expensive than buying an existing home that meets your budget and taste.
  Kanata Tremblant works with Maison Bonneville to offer owners a vast selection of high quality, partially turnkey prefab cottages. In this instance, you are partially responsible for the project but with the expert guidance of the Maison Bonneville and Kanata Tremblant teams. 

The fully turnkey rental cottage

  If you want everything taken care of, down to the last detail, this is the ideal choice for you. As cottage building is a time-consuming project, the turnkey rental cottage is a great option for foreign investors. Similarly, this is an ideal solution for owners who are short on time. Or owners who cannot get fully involved in project management.

The pros:

  •   Minimal owner involvement during construction.
  •   Every detail is taken care of for you, including the interior design, wall colours, decorations, furniture and so on.

The cons:

  •   Limitations with regard to interior design fixtures and styling.
  •   More expensive than doing some of the work yourself.
 Kanata Tremblant and Maison Bonneville will be happy to customize your turnkey rental cottage according to your needs and tastes. If you are looking to invest in a rental cottage, Kanata Tremblant offers a variety of cottage models and land for sale. Contact them today to learn more

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