To invest in a cottage and having a cabin getaway is the dream for many Canadians, so we at Kanata Tremblant want to help homeowners and families turn that dream into a reality. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should invest in a cottage in 2020. 

The Perfect Getaway

City life is a stressful life. Even though we love our jobs, friends, and our families we sometimes need a place to disappear and reconnect with the world when life gets too hectic. Studies show that escaping from work and going on a vacation can do wonders for your body and mind, and by investing in a beautiful cottage that is open to you all year long, you don’t have to worry about expensive trips, accommodations, or activities for your relaxing getaway. 

Valuable Rental Space Any Time of the Year

The benefits of a year-round cottage aren’t just medical, however, as there are also financial incentives for investing in a lakeside cabin. Even if you aren’t stressed out by city life and all the anxieties that appear in the daily news, chances are your neighbors and other city dwellers are feeling this way and want an escape. Apps like AirBnB,, HomeToGo, and others now allow homeowners to easily market their properties for rent all year long to tourists from all over the world. Whether it’s someone 2 kilometers away or 2,000 kilometers away, they will pay top-dollar to rent your property and experience life in lake country, surrounded by forests or mountains. Best of all, your cottage is bound to increase in value as the years pass!  

Versatile Buying Options for Developers

Looking to build a dream home in the woods or have eyes on bigger financial gains than just rentals? No problem! At Kanata Tremblant, we have a wide selection of properties that are untarnished and waiting for residential or commercial development. Buyers are welcome to build their cottages with as much or as little input from our team as they desire.  Unlike other resort settings that impose time limits on building projects, we give our clients total freedom to work on their properties at whatever pace fits their budget, or even they leave them undeveloped for future investment or trades. If you’re looking for a versatile property that can be your hidden escape and financial investment, there’s no better place than a cottage at Kanata Tremblant. Give our team of property managers a call today or visit us online to view our interactive map of top-quality plots.

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